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Animal Alchemy

If you want to discover how to become an animal whisperer expert, you’ve come to the right place. You are about to uncover the fastest way to communicate directly with your animal!

If you are an animal whisperer expert already, you have a chance to be a part of a worldwide network of leading animal whisperer expert leaders to grow your speaking and training business! (by application only)

Animal Alchemy programs are underpinned by the new breakthrough technology that is the fusion of sensory-based skills, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, and immersion methods.

These proprietary programs do not rely on one’s ability to communicate telepathically and are not limited to one specific animal type. They cover skills and techniques applicable to variety of species and a wide range of contextual situation. They offer proven, repeatable results.

Those committed to mastering a new set of unique skills to communicate with your pet and other animals, will love this scientifically-based training which:

  • is grounded in identifiable sensory information
  • utilises unique Animal Alchemy technology not offered anywhere else
  • produces reliable results
  • builds your confidence as you go
  • develops your creativity
  • can be applied to work with any animal (including humans)
  • brings understanding through immersion, observation and empathy
  • rejects manipulation and dominance training

Grazyna Witkowska

Grazyna is known as the mentor to the world's most influential animal-whisperer experts.

She is the founder and the CEO of Animal Alchemy, a leading consulting company specialising in human-animal relationships.

Prior to setting up Animal Alchemy, Grazyna had a successful career in business and IT where she became fascinated with the power of human dynamics to affect projects’ outcomes. Along the way, she combined research into human ecology with her long standing interest in animals to develop a powerful framework for understanding the human-animal relationships.

Grazyna holds a Bachelor in Applied Science (Computing) from University of Technology in Sydney, Master of Education (Social Ecology) from University of Western Sydney and Master of Arts (Wisdom Studies) from Ubiquity University (USA).

She is able to traverse parallel tracks of academic knowledge and indigenous wisdom.

She travels to learn directly from animals and from extraordinary people who do extraordinary work with animals – such as Linda Tucker, Linda Tellington-Jones, and Linda Stoddard.

Her keen observation skills, field research and insightful inferences – make her presentations and training inimitable and inspirational.

When Grazyna is not speaking, travelling or assisting other experts to grow their own expert leadership platform, she delights in spending time with her own extended animal family.

Accelerated Training Info

For animal lovers who want the fastest way to communicate directly with their pets and for those who are dissatisfied with narrowly specialised training programs that do not use the latest sensory-based communication technology and are slow at delivering results.

This Animal Whisperer Expert Mentoring Program is a new human-animal communication system using an innovative combination of sensory-based skills, NLP techniques, and immersion methods.

It provides the fastest and most comprehensive way to decode the emotions and wishes your pet is communicating to you.

Unlike other training programs, this system allows animal lovers to work and communicate with a wide range of animal species.

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Grazyna Witkowska